Hi, I am Rebeca Guedes

fullstack developer

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What I do

UI/UX Design

I have a background in UI/UX Design and I am passionate about functional products, amazing user experience, and structured Design Systems. Every project is an opportunity to learn more about other perspectives, connect with an idea, and make it come true.


I like to focus my work in building accessible and responsive digital experiences from the ground zero. I enjoy solving the problems that arise during the process and watch it become alive. My biggest reward is to see how people interact with the product.


Work with a team of professional developers that aims to provide a comprehensive path for people who seek to begin their tech journey. We work towards building a Next.js platform to connect Non-Profit Organizations with volunteer junior web developers, and help with their project and needs.

My Work

Who I am


I am a fullstack developer driven by curiosity and a keen mind for solving complex problems.

My diversified background allowed me to improve my time-management, communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

As a professional, I am able to use my technical skills to complete my tasks, and my soft skills to make it a great experience for all of those involved.

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My work

A selection of projects

Admin panel to an utility company, using BC Hydro Design System as reference, built with NextJS, Chakra-UI, Leaflet and React-ApexChart.

Responsive multi-page space travel website built with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript

Javascript application that interacts with the Forkify API to fetch and display recipe food data.

E-commerce app built with React, Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, and Stripe.